Missions isn’t just something we do, it’s who we are…a lifestyle of every believer.

Jesus calls every believer to be “mission-minded,” simply by being open to God-directed opportunities to show the love of Jesus to those you interact with in your daily life.

This can be as simple as literally just reaching out and helping people…seeing a need and meeting it. It can be an act of kindness like mowing an elderly person’s lawn, or babysitting for a single mom, so she can have a night off, or repairing someone’s home or car who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get it done. 

Missions can also be sharing your faith with others. It can be as simple as inviting someone to church or talking to someone at work who has questions about God. Basically sharing the story of your spiritual journey and the story of Jesus with other people who need to hear about it. You can do that locally at work or with your family, or join us for one of our national or international missions trips.

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